I have just wrapped up one of the most amazing days of my life

You, Me, we ALL can do something…


I am now in my Bob Marley Rasta pants and borrow sun-bleached surf tee, inside my cabin on the crew deck of the Rainbow Warrior. I have new epic shells on my desk, another island to add to the “must come back” list, more people to hug when I see them again and a brain-space filled with fresh optimism. Plus I went for a swim. And saw dolphins. Not at the same time. But still.

Amazing doesn’t cut it.


This morning I was woken up by Serkan (I think… it was dark and the accent was full of soothing German assertiveness that reminded me of the Beachouse… so I am guessing it was Serkan.) “Matisse. Wake up. We are here.”

It was 6am and we were at Ambrym. An island in Vanuatu famous for it’s black magic. There was a man on board the ship named Rex Thomas, he is…

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