You Win Some – You Lose Some. (And if you’re smart, you let a lot go) 

Facts about life…


I’m currently sitting at the Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington DC. Writing this on my phone. Looking out at the city skyline. Eating a turkey sandwhich. (I’m so American now you can call me Matishiqa.)

It’s a been a whirlwind of a week. We had three solid days of planning meetings in our USA headquarters, downtown Washington. We had discussions, agreements, arguments, jokes, giggles, strategy sessions, mind maps, role plays, brainstorms, timelines, conference calls, coffee, coffee, coffee, organic pizza, coffee and eventually…. Decisions, elation and a grand plan.

However, as seems to be normal in this working world of working for the world, I am taking much more home with me than just a sense of professional direction. Once again, I’m boarding my flight with a set of new outlooks. (And half the ‚free people‘ summer collection.)

Not only does my job give me new knowledge, new friends, new ideas…

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