I’ve done some bad bad things 

Dear Mother Eart – I hope we will understand it soon…


Dear Mum and Dad,

I’ve done some bad bad things. You might have heard of some.

Maybe you have read about others.

But I wanted to put down in writing ALL the bad bad things I have done, or have helped to do, in 2015 alone.

It’s not pretty. But I’m not sorry.

Wait until you see what I’ve got in store for next year.

Cyclone Pam

In March, category five tropical storm Cyclone Pam hit islands in the South Pacific.

Most of the devastation occurred in Vanuatu but extended to surrounding islands such as Kiribati, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu. Close to 20 people were killed in the region. Including 5 young boys in Fiji who were swept away in a storm flood trying to save each other.

According to Professor Kevin Trenberth of the US National Centre for Atmospheric Research, the strength of the storm can be…

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